What is it about golf in Portugal?

I don’t know anything about golf, except I tried it a few times and lost more balls than the number of strokes I was apparently expected to take to get round the course and back to the bar for the beer that was the reason I went there in the first place. I also know very little about web sites. So there is something cruel and sweet about me now spending my days writing about golf in Portugal for a new web site called Silver Coast Life.

Our ultimate aim is to produce a site which gives visitors everything they need to know about life on the Silver Coast of Portugal.  My friend who knows about these things has identified golf in Portugal as being one of the things that a lot of people want to know about.  So my first job in the writing of content for Silver Coast Life is to list every single one of the 90 or so golf courses that exist in Portugal, not just naming them but writing something enticing about them all. This is a job that requires balls and a lot of vodka. But at the end of it some things are certain:

  • we will have the best directory of golf courses in Portugal
  • I will still be rubbish at golf
  • I will know where to birdie but not what it means
  • I will need coffee

The fun part is seeing the site begin to take shape. Tomorrow I am off to the beach with the children. They think Dad is just being cool and taking them for a run on the beach. Which I am. But I’m also looking to get a great photograph of the Atlantic. On a good day it turns silver as the sun goes down and I want to capture that for the front page of our site. And if that doesn’t work we can always buy ice-creams. Or maybe we can do both.

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