Silver Coast Guide

Diversity and wonder

– rich histories, legendary places

The sky of glass in Caldas da RainhaThe cities and towns of the Silver Coast have been the centre of many of Portugal’s important historical events and the birthplace of some of its most enduring legends.

Monuments and memories

There are places here where miracles are said to have happened, sites of superb royal architectural folly, monumental buildings that will take your breath away, modern marvels like the Buddha Eden gardens, places that are so rooted in history they draw pilgrims from all over the world, and places where it is still possible to lose yourself in lanes and alleyways where life is lived at a pace remembered from a world long gone.

World heritage sites

In the Silver Coast region there are more UNESCO World Heritage sites than in any other part of the country. Three of Portugal’s seven architectural wonders can be found here. But don’t just come for the big ones. The best way to explore the richness and diversity of the cities and towns of the Silver Coast is to park your car and wander unhurried through the streets.

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