Silver Coast Activities

Silver Coast Activities

Great weather, magnificent courses

Bom sucesso landscapeThe Silver Coast, Portugal’s Costa de Prata, is rapidly emerging as a rising star on the Portuguese golf scene. With courses like Praia del Rey and the newer Royal Obidos regularly appearing in lists of Europe’s top courses it is a place that discerning golfers are increasingly choosing over more popular destinations. The weather is great, the views of the Atlantic are stunning and when the golfing is done you can relax and enjoy yourself without fighting through crowds of holiday-makers.
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Surfing on the Silver Coast

Surfing the wild Costa de Prata

It is said there is a wave somewhere on the Silver Coast every day of the year. The bends and twists of the coastline mean at least one beach is likely to be facing in the right direction on any given day, offering waves for everyone from beginners to the top pros. Summer waves are great for learners while in the winter the storms bring epic conditions that attract famous big wave surfers from all over the world.
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Watersports on the Silver Coast

If it floats you’ll find somewhere to use it on the Costa de Prata (Silver Coast). It’s not just about surfing – every kind of watersport is catered for. The climate is mild and between the ocean and the calmer lagoon and inland waters there are perfect locations for sailing, canoeing, jet skiing, kite surfing, windsurfing and, of course, swimming.
Watersports on the Silver Coast.Yachts on the beach beside Obidos lagoon on the Silver Coast, or Costa de Prata

Horseriding on the Silver Coast

Beach Rides and Forest Trails

One of the best ways of exploring the Silver Coast countryside is on the back of a horse. There are forest trails, tracks winding through hill country and long paths skirting the edge of the ocean and lagoon. Portugal has long and fine tradition of riding and horsemanship so if horses are your thing you’ll find yourself right at home on the Costa de Prata.
Riding on the Silver Coast.

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