More exciting than a falling tree

Great excitement in the Silver Coast Life office this afternoon. Someone has suggested that our content is plagiarised – and the suggestion was made in public on an internet forum. He actually wrote plagairsed but I hope this is just a spelling mistake and not some vastly more heinous crime.

But we are thrilled anyway. Not much happens in our sleepy little village of Gaeiras so the prospect of teams of international copyright lawyers descending on the place is even more exciting than when the big tree in the square came down last winter. The man who runs the local café is particularly energised by the thought. This afternoon he was ordering in crates of cognac and cuban cigars and talking of setting up his son’s computer in the corner to provide internet access at a price. I guess it makes a change from selling coffee and lottery tickets. I think the scandal would be good for our village and I would be happy to think I had played a part in it. The high street of Gaeiras could do with some wine bars. Sadly I don’t think it is going to happen. The only similarities the lawyers will find are historic details like dates and the names of things like kings and wars; and, of course, place names. People are going to get touchy if I start changing those.

I should know where our content came from – I wrote these pages during many dark and lonely nights. And you can’t fool Google. If you copy text or photographs from other sites the spyders will know and you will be banished to the naughty chair of the web world. The rule is if you want to build a successful web site of your own you do not copy from other sites. But in one way I wish I had copied. Just a little bit. It would have been great to get some wine bars round here.

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