Wine Routes

Wine Routes

– fine wines in the countryside

One of the better ways of exploring the Silver Coast is to follow one of the wine routes established by the region’s tourist board.

Some pre-planning and advance booking may be required but the result will be a great day out with some delicious Silver Coast cuisine in the heart of beautiful countryside. The Silver Coast offers three established wine routes that take in not just some of the leading vineyards of the area, but some of its historic sights as well.

Mountains and orchards

Silver Coast wines come from one of the country’s main fruit producing regions, and the wine routes trace a path through a green and lush landscape that is caught between the mountains of Montejunto and the shores of the Atlantic ocean.Vineyard on the Silver Coast

It is a countryside that begs to be explored and those who are tempted to leave the beaten track of the wine routes will find rewards of their own along the narrow lanes that wind through the rolling countryside and sleepy villages of the interior. But the wine routes are a great place to start.

Food and wine

Each offers a day’s excursion that includes some sight-seeing, some wine tasting and many opportunities to sample the local cuisine at the restaurants you will pass along the way. Visitors are advised to telephone the vineyards first before setting out on any of the wine routes to check on opening hours and availability.

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