A new site for the Silver Coast

The Silver Coast of Portugal is a great place to be. We have stunning beaches, beautiful countryside and a laid-back way of life that is as much or as little as you want it to be. And if the peace and quiet gets too much it’s all just an hour away from the buzz and nightlife of Lisbon. But the Silver Coast is also something of a mystery. Search on the web and you get loads of sites selling property (someone who knows about these things declared this region to be one of the hottest places in Europe for investing in bricks and mortar) but not much else. Not much about the amazing things to be experienced around here: the natural empty beauty of the lagoons, beaches, mountains and forests; the incredible architectural heritage (no less than four UNESCO world heritage sites can be found here); the rich culture of festivals and village fairs; the facilities for leisure activities like golf, surfing, sailing, cycling….  the list is endless; and, most all, the space. The Silver Coast is somewhere you can still take a picnic and a blanket and find a place of your own – and here on the Silver Coast there are many.

So a group of friends got together to launch Silver Coast Life. When we are finished with the development work it will be the only place to come for information on living and holidaying on the Silver Coast. This will be the most detailed and comprehensive Silver Coast site on the net – and it will carry all the information any visitor or resident might need to make the most out of being here. I don’t know much about web sites but I know someone who does. So come back sometime soon and I’ll let you know how things are going.

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